The Department of Physics at Carleton offers a wide set of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The department is also is engaged in intensive research in Particle Physics and Medical Physics. Carleton University is a full member of TRIUMF: Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics.

News Stories

Congratulations to Bryce Norman for the 3-minute thesis (3MT) competition

Please join us in congratulating Bryce Norman, PhD Student in Particle Physics, for receiving 2nd place in the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition across all fields.

Bryce’s presentation is titled, Establishing Evidence for the Higgs Boson Decaying to Two Muons at the ATLAS Detector.

Ian Ramirez-Berend receives Award

Ian Ramirez-Berend received a 3rd place award for student presentations at the Winter Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference (WNPPC) 2024!  


Upcoming Solar Eclipse - April 7 & 8

What is happening on April 8?
There will be a total solar eclipse visible throughout parts of the United States and north-east Canada.

What is a total solar eclipse?
A total solar eclipse happens when the Sun is totally blocked by the Moon.

Dr. David Sinclair awarded an honorary degree by Carleton

Dr. David Sinclair will be awarded a Doctor of Science honoris causa by Carleton at the upcoming convocation on Nov. 4 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of particle physics and his leading role as founding director of SNOLAB.

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