Special Events

Annual Soccer Challenge

In a time-honoured tradition, the Department of Physics Faculty challenges the Physics undergraduates to soccer match every fall. To face the young and energetic students, the Faculty team is typically bolstered by Physics staff, research associates and graduate students.

Despite their youthful vigour, young legs and large numbers, the Faculty team has rarely lost against the Student team since the inception of the challenge.

After the match, the members of both teams gather and enjoy some refreshments.

The match is organized by the Recruitment and Retention committee in the Department of Physics.

Physics Public Lecture

The Department of Physics hosts a special Physics Public Lecture annually.
The lecture is open to the general public and features one or more faculty or others members
as presenters. The lecture typically highlites a recent success or successes of the department.

ATLAS Detector Construction - with Legos

For several weeks in September 2012, undergraduate students from the physics department worked on constructing a model of the ATLAS detector out of Lego pieces ! Over 9,500 Lego pieces were used in the building of this model which was about 1/50 the size of the real detector. The model was built in Herzberg 3125 and the public was invited to drop by and watch the students' progress.

Time lapse action of people in the lab : http://youtu.be/scpzpRZIcjY
Time lapse construction of the Lego ATLAS detector : http://youtu.be/BVmqTdIqNo8

More info and pictures detailing this event are available below.


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