Degree and Programs

Carleton University offers two Physics degree options, a Bachelor of Science (Major) and a Bachelor of Science (Honours). The Department of Physics offers a complete set of undergraduate programs including:

A Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics is also available, as is a Minor in Physics.

All of the department's programs emphasize problem-solving techniques and the development of critical thinking skills. Computation skills are developed as a tool for applying physics in the modern world.

Bachelor of Science (Major) in Physics

The B.Sc. (Major) provides an education in the fundamentals of Physics and allows you to take a Minor in another discipline. Programs such as Computer Science are often chosen as a Minor in combination with Physics, though any department offering a Minor is possible. It is a 20.0 credit program.

Honours in Physics Program

The four-year Bachelor of Science (Honours) programs in Applied Physics and in Physics (Astrophysics, Experimental or Theory stream) each require 20.0 credits to complete. These degrees prepare you for a physics career in the industrial sector or for further studies in pure or applied physics at the graduate level.

These four B.Sc. Honours programs start from a common first year in which you will take introductory Physics, another experimental science, Mathematics, Computer Science, as well as a selection from courses outside both the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering. In subsequent years there is a set of common core courses to all the B. Sc Honours programs. On top of that, the Applied Physics program adds additional courses in computing and electronics, while the three physics streams (Astrophysics, Experimental and Theory streams) are each flavored with some specialty courses.

In the fourth year of the program, you will undertake a major individual project, done under the supervision of a faculty member.

Combined Honours programs with Chemistry and Biology

The Department of Physics offers Combined Honours programs in Chemistry and Physics, and in Biology and Physics. These programs include the essentials of each discipline and are good preparation for work in industry or for graduate work.

Double Honours program in Mathematics and Physics

The Double Honours B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics is a very rigorous program, best suited to outstanding students who have excelled in Math and Physics in secondary school. It is excellent preparation for graduate school in either subject area.

Engineering Physics

The Department of Physics collaborates with the Department of Electronics Engineering in offering a Bachelor of Engineering program in Engineering Physics. The aim of this program is to produce engineers with a deep understanding of the scientific foundation of engineering so that they can contribute to the development of new engineering processes and devices rather than merely applying existing ones.

If you are interested in this option, please visit the Engineering Department Website for more information.

Minor in Physics

The Department of Physics also offers a Minor in Physics for students from other departments who are interested in studying physics. A Minor consists of 4.0 credits and requires physics courses from first, second and third year.

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