Safety on Campus

The Physics Department actively follows the University Health and Safety program and procedures and all government regulations. Working in the laboratories associated with your courses, for instance, you will find that the lab supervisory and the technical staff all emphasize safe procedures.  As you progress through your program, you may work within a research lab; your faculty supervisor along with the other researchers involved will emphasize safety. There is good information available institutionally and you can consult the Environmental Health and Safety website:

For general information on personal safety and campus safety programs, please see

You should be aware of the Work After Hours program.   It’s a free service for any member of the campus community working during the quiet hours of the evening, weekends, and statutory holidays.  You have to register each time you want to use this service.  When you call the Department of University Safety at 613-520-3612 they will ask for your name, exact location, and telephone number for your workplace. They will also ask you for your estimated time of departure. Safety officers can patrol your worksite and/or escort you to your vehicle at your request. For more information, please take a look at the brochure at:

See also monthly safety tips at:

There you will find good advice such as the following:

  • If you see someone acting suspiciously, call campus security directly (4444) or use one of the yellow assistance phones.
  • Try to work with another person if you’re planning to stay past regular hours.
  • When working alone in an office, lock your door. Inform campus security of where you’re working and when you plan to leave.
  • Report all broken locks, windows, lights, and doors to the Maintenance Control Centre at 520-3668.
  • If you’re travelling after 9 p.m. on OC Transpo, your driver can drop you off at a spot closer to your destination along the bus route. For more information, please read OC Transpo’s Transecure page.
  • Avoid walking in isolated areas at night. There are designated safe pathways throughout campus that are well-lit for your safety.

Call 4444 in case of all emergencies and security concerns.



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