About Physics

Physics is the study of our universe, encompassing objects as diverse as super-clusters of galaxies to the smallest entities observed in the world of sub-atomic physics. Physics is a predictive, numerical science which seeks to describe the world in terms of mathematical models.

Mathematical model building is a powerful tool that has applications in many other realms of human activity from science and technology to the stock market. The skills acquired in taking a physics degree are applicable in many different careers.

The B.Sc. General program in Physics allows a student to take a minor in another subject area such as computer science or business. In addition, the Physics Department offers an Engineering Physics B.Eng. program in collaboration with Electronics Engineering.

Why Study Physics?

A degree in physics can lead to careers such as employment in the high tech sector, working as a medical physicist helping to plan patient treatment in a clinical setting, developing emerging technologies such as photonics and nanotechnology as well as continuing postgraduate studies in areas as diverse as astrophysics, elementary particle physics, and medical physics, to name a few.

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