Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We acknowledge and appreciate the diversity and lived experiences of our students, postdocs, faculty, and staff within the Carleton University Physics Department. Physicists assume the roles of researchers, educators, mentors, and learners– therefore mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding are key to reaching our goals.  

We recognize our responsibility to actively contribute to a more just society. We realize that the privilege we enjoy can both perpetuate and deconstruct systemic racism and other forms of discrimination. It is also important to recognize that the physics community has a long history of actively and passively discriminating against underrepresented groups. This discrimination is not limited to women or non-white people; and unfortunately, it continues even today.

To this end, we do not tolerate behaviours that create hostile environments or undermine the dignity of individuals within our community. Educating ourselves on how to guide our institutions is therefore our duty. It is our goal that our classrooms and research groups will be welcoming and supportive for every learner regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability status, age, religion, socioeconomic status, or family situation.

We will continue to listen and learn about how to create a community that best exhibits the values in this statement. On this page we will list the actions we have taken as well as resources that may be useful. The Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities at Carleton University works to promote equity & inclusion, and to prevent and address human rights violations. For more information about EIC services, please see Carleton Equity.

Current members of the Physics EDI committee

Daniel Stolarski, Faculty, Chair of the committee, and rep. to the Science EDI committee

Seyda Ipek, Faculty

Simon Viel, Faculty

Temi Gouti, Staff

Narjes Moghadam, Postdoc

Benjamin Davis-Purcell, Graduate Student

edi atphysics [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Contact Us)

Faculty of Science EDI Committee

The Faculty of Science is also committed to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion . The Faculty EDI committee has created a teaching toolkit which contains resources on how to incorporate the principles of EDI into teaching, particularly for science courses.

The Faculty has also organized an engaging new event series that aims to increase Awareness, Collaboration and Engagement (ACE), and advance Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) efforts in the Faculty of Science. Please check out upcoming and previous online ACE EDI events and plane to join us at the next one. 

EDI Events in the Department of Physics

  • EDI in teaching colloquium March 29, 2022. Details TBA.

  • Annual Physics Inclusion Week Colloquium event: 2020 event ; 2021 event ; Next event: October 2022.



In this section we give some resources from outside of Carleton related to various EDI issues in physics.

Posters of women in physics

Posters of Black physicists

Article on teaching during the pandemic

NSERC EDI web page


We will continue to update this page with new initiatives and actions. 


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