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Are you an international student thinking to apply to a graduate program in the Department of Physics at Carleton University?

The general minimum admission requirements for a graduate degree at Carleton are listed here by our Graduate School. However due to funding restrictions and the large volume of international applications, we can only accept very few international students. Generally we will only consider well-qualified international applicants with at least an A to A+ (85-90%) average in their previous physics degree and often can only fund students who are in the top 5% of their graduating class and fulfilling all of the requirements.

The academic requirements for entry into an MSc (Physics), PhD (Physics) or MASc (Biomedical Engineering) are listed here. Please note that our medical physics program is a graduate degree in physics and therefore an undergraduate degree or certificate in radiologic technology (imaging or cancer therapy) is inadequate preparation and such applicants will not be considered.

Proficiency in the English language:  Carleton is an English-language institution. If your first language is not English you will need to show results from a standard testing service. The minimum language requirements for admission to Carleton University are given here (See Section 3.6). We cannot consider applications who do not meet these minimum requirements.

We are looking for applicants with documented ability at research in physics. Outstanding grades alone will not be sufficient, especially for admission into our PhD program. The application requirements include transcripts, a resume and statement of interest by the candidate, and confidential letters of reference which must address both academic and research ability.  The letters of reference are submitted directly by your referees to the University via our website. All components of the application will be carefully evaluated.

Checklist on whether you are eligible to be considered for admission:

  • do you meet the academic entrance requirements, both in terms of grades and preparedness to do a graduate degree in physics, as given on this page?
  • do you meet the language-proficiency requirements as given on this page?

If you answer YES to BOTH questions, you are eligible to apply and your application will be considered. To apply, go to our main application website and click on the "Apply Now" button at the bottom of the page.  You will be taken to our Graduate School's central application web page, where you can "request application account".  There is a fee to apply. Application deadlines are given here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Do you fund international students? 
    A: We have no dedicated funding for international students. For this reason, we only accept very few international students. For exceptional students, there may some limited funding opportunities. We welcome self-funded students who can demonstrate that the entire cost of their education at Carleton University (both tuition fees and cost of living) will be fully covered for the duration of their degree (2 years for an MSc and up to 5 years for a PhD).
  • Q: Do I need to find a supervisor before I can apply? 
    A: It is not necessary to find a supervisor before applying. We prefer that students apply first, to ensure that one is admissible in the first place.  If this is so, we will endeavour to find a match to a supervisor at that point.
  • Q: Do I need to do a GRE test before I can apply to a graduate program in the Carleton University Department of Physics?
    A: No. We will base our admission recommendations on your academic transcripts and your letters of reference.
  • Q: Can you review informally my transcript/academic record and tell me if I am eligible to apply to Carleton University?
    A: We receive many enquiries to review resumes and transcripts on an ad hoc basis.  Due to the volume received, we cannot respond to these informally. Applicants who are sure they meet the minimum admission qualifications should proceed to submit an application.
  • Q: Is it possible to start a graduate degree in the winter or summer terms?
     A: Admission normally is only for the fall term, due to the sequence of courses that needs to be taken. In exceptional circumstances, we may consider admission in the winter term for PhD students.
  • Q: Who should I ask to be a referee for my application?
    A: What we want to hear most about from your referees is your ability in a reseach environment - either in a lab, theoretical, or computational.  Usually the referees are professors who have supervised you in a research project.  If these are not available, substitutes could be referees who supervised you in industrial or co-op placements. If you have no research experience at all, your application will not likely be competitive for the MSc or MASc, and certainly not for the PhD, so please consider this before going to the time and expense of applying.
  • Q: Do I need to convert for you my overall grade-point average from the value as given by my university to the GPA scale used at Carleton University?
    A: No. We have conversion tables and will do this ourselves.
  • Q: Do I need to provide official transcripts when I apply?
    A: No. For the initial application, scans of transcripts are sufficient. However, should you be offered admission, you will need to forward official transcripts to the university.

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