Funding and Awards

In the MSc Physics and PhD Physics programs we ensure that all full-time graduate students receive financial support from a combination of internal and external sources. The University funding package is offered at admission for up to the maximum degree duration, which is 2 years for a Master's and 5 years for a doctorate.

Funding comes from several sources including scholarship funding from the University and a Teaching Assistantship (TA), and any major external scholarships won. The University scholarship component is awarded automatically at admission and you do not need to apply for it separately. A Research Assistantship (RA) will be provided by the thesis supervisor as required to complete the funding package to a competitive level, especially in the case of students without a major external scholarship on entry.

Many of our best students hold external scholarships such as OGS or NSERC. If you have at least an A- average, you should apply for one or both of these awards. The application deadlines are typically early in the Fall with outcomes known in approximately April. So you might well be applying for scholarships in the Fall prior to sending in your graduate school application. While initially the timing might seem unusual, in fact it is common practice and winning an external scholarship is a major plus for your resume. Just being able to state that you have applied demonstrates that you are proactive and strengthens your application for graduate studies. More information on external scholarships is given by our Graduate School here.

The bottom line: A full-time domestic (Canadian or Permanent Resident) MSc Physics student admitted in Fall/Winter 2023/2024 will receive at least $32,000/year, and a Ph.D. Physics student will receive at least $36,000/year. The funding level depends on our assessment of your academic record at admission. Applicants with stronger academic records will receive up to a couple of $k/year more. 

For information about living and tuition cost, please visit the Carleton Graduate Studies' webpage.

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