The Department of Physics was created very early in the development of Carleton University, with the first Chair appointed in 1952. Since then, many students have excelled in both our undergraduate programs (Bachelor of Science (Major and Honours) and graduate programs (specializing in Medical and Particle Physics).

Our graduates are found in all walks of life from the high tech sector to education and finance. In addition, Carleton Physics research was ranked #1 in highest impact physics research in Canada by "Physics World"

The financial support of the community is vital to attracting the brightest students to Carleton Physics and offering them access to leading-edge instruction and research tools.

Consider making a gift to the Physics Department at Carleton.  

Other suggestions for gifts are:

To donate towards the Dr. M.K. Sundaresan Memorial Scholarship, please visit the site here

To discuss the possibility of giving to the Physics Department please contact the physchairatphysics [dot] carleton [dot] ca (Physics Department Chair).

To donate to Carleton Physics Alumni Lecture, please visit FutureFunder

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