Technical Group for Instrumentation Development for Particle Physics Research

The Physics Department at Carleton University operates a technical facility that specializes in the development of detectors for particle physics. The facility has the following people on staff:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Technician
  • Designer/draftsperson
  • Machinist/technician

The personnel working at the facility are financed by funds from an MRS grant provided by NSERC. As such, the personnel on staff are available to the Subatomic Physics (SAP) community for the development of new detectors and the maintenance/repair of existing infrastructure. For large projects we can employ additional people but the costs for this are charged back to the specific project.

We also provide support for applied detector development for non-HEP groups such as for medical physics and for government/industrial groups. In this case the cost of the services are charged to the group in question.

The group has access to the following facilities for detector development:

  • Small clean room (10 sq m)
  • Large clean room (80 sq m)
  • Hi-bay detector assembly facility
  • Machining of small parts for tests
  • Silicon pixel telescope and DAQ system for detector tests

Groups wishing to use the facility are invited to contact one of the following:

To request approval of support, scientist(s) are asked to write a short description of the desired work along with estimate of person-hours required to the Chair of the Board. The Board reviews proposals following NSERC guidelines and communicates to the grant managers (and to the sientist(s) requesting support) their evaluation along with the prioritization recommendation.  This template format can be used to generate a request: request.pdf

Board Members:

  • Fabrice Retiere (TRIUMF) (current Chair of the Board)
  • Garth Huber (CINP Director)
  • Mike Roney (IPP Director)
  • Miriam Diamond (U of Toronto)
  • Rituparna Kanungo (TRIUMF/Saint Mary's University)
  • Jean-François Arguin (U de Montrèal MRS)
  • Kevin Graham (Carleton MRS)
  • Blair Jamieson (Winnipeg MRS)
  • Jim Pinfold (Alberta MRS)
  • Randall Sobie (U Victoria MRS)

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