Dr. Thomas Koffas

Professor, Experimental Physics
2410 HP
koffas at
(613) 520 - 2600 Ext. 8996

About Dr. Thomas Koffas

My primary research interests are on experimental particle physicsas a member of the ATLAS collaboration. ATLAS is a multi-purpose detector operating at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Europe. It has been designed to search for signals that will enable physicists to understand the fundamental laws of nature and in particular the acquisition of mass through the so-called Higgs mechanism. It is the search for the Higgs boson the key element of this mechanism that I have been currently focusing on.

Over time I have worked on the ATLAS Tracker that reconstructs the tracks of charged particles and in particular the Transition Radiation Tracker. I have then moved on to working  on the reconstruction of electrons and photons in ATLAS by combining the information from the ATLAS tracker and electromagnetic calorimeter. This constitutes the ground-work for the search for the Higgs boson via its decays either to two photons or to four leptons which I have been currently involved in. Graduate
students and research associates will be making significant  contributions to this research effort.

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