Dr. Manuella Vincter

Professor, Experimental Physics
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About Dr. Manuella Vincter

I have been a member of the ATLAS experiment since 1998 and am the current Carleton University team leader of this endeavour.

Experimental Particle Physics

The ATLAS experiment based at the CERN Laboratory in Switzerland is expected to be one of the key experiments of its generation, that will elucidate the origin of the fundamental concept of mass. ATLAS may even solve the mystery for the unaccounted-for matter in the universe, the so-called dark matter, which corresponds to approximately 25% of the total energy budget of the universe. ATLAS is one of the largest collaborative efforts ever attempted in the physical sciences, consisting of 3000 physicists and students from more than 175 universities and laboratories. My primary research focus on the ATLAS experiment is on the identification and reconstruction of electrons, particularly in the decays of the carriers of the fundamental weak force, the W and Z bosons. W and Z bosons appear in final states of many physics signatures, either as a significant background which must be well measured and subtracted or as genuine final states of very exciting physics processes.

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