Dr. Kevin Graham

Professor, Experimental Physics
3322 HP
kevin_graham at
(613) 520 - 2600 Ext. 4373

About Dr. Kevin Graham

Experimental Particle Physics

I am a member of the ATLAS experiment located at the Large Hadron Collider.  Carleton is conrtributing to the construction of thin gap chambers (sTGC) as parto of the upgrade program to prepare for the high luminosity phase of LHC operation.

I am also a member of the Dark matter Experiment with Argon Pulse shape discrimation (DEAP). This is a liquid argon scintillation counter designed for low background, low energy threshold detection of nuclear recoil events consistent with WIMP dark matter at the Earth. More than 85% of the universe consists of some unknown dark matter and a direct detection of dark matter particles would be one of the most exciting discoveries of recent times.



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