Dr. Emily Heath

Associate Professor, Medical Physics
Physics Department - Carleton University
2424 HP
(613) 520 - 2600 Ext. 4053
eheathatphysics [dot] carleton [dot] ca

Research summary

Advances in radiation therapy techniques allow for a very precise dose of radiation to be delivered to the tumour. However errors in the delivery process, patient motion and uncertainties in the biological properties of tumour cells reduce the efficacy of radiation therapy treatments. My research aims to develop methods to model these uncertainties as well as to develop new radiation therapy planning techniques which can compensate for these uncertainties to ensure that the correct dose is delivered.

I am currently looking for new graduate students to join my research group. Please visit my website for more details about potential research projects.

Recent publications:

S Gholampourkashi, JE Cygler, B Lavigne and E. Heath. Validation of 4D Monte Carlo dose calculations using a programmable deformable lung phantom. European Journal of Medical Physics, 2020.

E Maynard, E Heath, M Hilts, A Jirasek. Evaluation of an x-ray polymer gel dosimetry system in the measurement of deformed dose. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 2020.

S Gholampourkashi, JE Cygler, J Belec, M Vujcic and E Heath. Monte Carlo and analytic modelling of an Elekta Infinity linac with Agility MLC: Investigating the significance of accurate model parameters for small radiation fields. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 2018

E Christiansen, E Heath and T Xu. Continuous aperture dose calculation and optimization for volumetric modulated arc therapy. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2018

E Maynard, M Hilts, E Heath and A Jirasek. Introduction of a deformable x-ray CT polymer gel dosimeter. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2018

S Gholampourkashi, JE Cygler, B Lavigne and E Heath. Development of a deformable phantom for experimental verification of 4D Monte Carlo simulations in a deforming anatomy. Physica Medica, 2018