Dr. Laurel Sinclair

Adjunct Research Professor
Natural Resources Canada
laurel.sinclair at
(613) 947-3337

About Dr. Laurel Sinclair

Office Location:
Natural Resources Canada 601 Booth St, rm 580 Ottawa, ON, K1A 0E8, Canada

Research summary

The Nuclear Emergency Response group of Natural Resources Canada provides emergency response mapping of radioactive contamination, and assists in security operations searching for radioactive threat material.  In support of this responsibility, we conduct research and development of instruments and techniques for the detection and characterization of sources of radioactivity.

Students are sought for active research areas including:

* Design and testing of an unmanned-aerial-vehicle-mounted neutron detector and directional gamma-ray spectrometer

* Imaging methods applied to gridded data obtained during either manned or unmanned aerial vehicle flight

* Deployment and testing of a fieldable Compton gamma imager for long-range characterization of multiple and distributed sources of radioactivity.

Selected publications:

1. L.E. Sinclair, R. Fortin, J.L. Buckle, M.J. Coyle, R.A. Van Brabrant, B.J.A. Harvey, H.C.J. Seywerd and M.W. McCurdy, "Aerial mobile radiation survey following detonation of a radiological dispersal device", accepted for publication in Health Physics, 2016

2. L. Sinclair, P. Saull, D. Hanna, H. Seywerd, A. MacLeod, P. Boyle, "Silicon Photomultiplier-Based Compton Telescope for Safety and Security (SCoTSS), IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 61:5, 2745-2752, 2014

3. A.M.L. MacLeod, P.J. Boyle, D.S. Hanna, P.R.B. Saull, L.E. Sinclair, H.C.J. Seywerd, "Development of a Compton Imager based on bars of scintillator", Nucl.Instrum.Meth. A767, 397 - 406, 2014

4. L.E. Sinclair, H.C.J Seywerd, R. Fortin, J.M. Carson, P.R.B. Saull, M.J. Coyle, R.A. Van Brabant, J.L. Buckle, S.M. Desjardins, R.M. Hall, "Aerial measurement of radioxenon concentration off the west coast of Vancouver Island following the Fukushima reactor accident", J.Environ.Radioact. 102, 1018-1023, 2011

5. P.R.B.Saull, L.E.Sinclair, H.C.J.Seywerd, P.J.Boyle, A.M.L.MacLeod and D.S.Hanna,, "A two-pixel Compton imager", Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7665, 76651E, 2010

6. L.E.Sinclair, D.S.Hanna, A.M.L.MacLeod, P.R.B.Saull, "Simulations of a scintillator Compton gamma imager for safety and security", IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 56, 1262-1268, 2009

7. ZEUS Collaboration (J. Breitweg et al.) "Measurement of three jet distributions in photoproduction at HERA", Phys. Lett. B443, 394-408, 1998

8. ZEUS Collaboration (M.Derrick et al.), "Rapidity gaps between jets in photoproduction at HERA", Phys. Lett. B369, 55-68, 1996

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