Dr. Raphael Galea

Adjunct Research Professor
National Research Council of Canada
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About Dr. Raphael Galea

Ionising Radiation Standards - National Research Council of Canada
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Ottawa, K1A 0R6 

Research Summary

As a member of the Ionizing Radiation Standards group at the NRC, I am involved with the radionuclide metrology (RM) program. As part of this program certified reference materials of various alpha, beta and gamma emitting isotopes can be prepared in various formats upon request from the public.

The RM lab is comprised of a primary standard for beta-gamma emitting isotopes, alpha counters, solid state detectors and ionization chambers for the standardization of radioactivity. In addition, we have the capability to perform radiochemistry in a hot lab for unsealed source preparation. 

The RM lab has been integral in the production, processing, analysis and  recycling of Mo99/Tc99m. Mo99 was produced at the research electron accelerator at NRC via the Mo100(gamma, n) reaction. The standardization of new and existing medical isotopes is an essential role which NRC undertakes. 

I am also involved with research and developed in the area of nuclear forensics. Beginning with work on a radiochronometer reference material based on Co60 and the production of an on demand Pa233 tracer, which is important for Uranium radiochronometry. The nuclear forensics community will require new reference materials and standards in various matrices.

In addition, the RM lab continues to expand its capability through the addition of liquid scintillation counting (LSC) and the implementation of a Triple-to-Double-Coincidence-Ratio (TDCR) system. LSC is important for the standardization of pure beta emitters. The primary standardization of radioactive noble gases, is the most recent area of radioactivity standards development at NRC. 

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Dr. Raphael Galea 
Senior Research Officer, 
National Research Council Canada / Government of Canada
raphael [dot] galea atnrc-cnrc [dot] gc [dot] ca / Tel: 613-993-2715x229 / Fax: 613-952-9865 / TTY: 613-949-3042

Agent de recherche,
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raphael [dot] galea atcnrc-nrc [dot] gc [dot] ca / Tél.: 613-993-2715x229 / Fax: 613-952-9865 / ATS: 613-949-3042

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