Dr. Robert de Kemp

Adjunct Research Professor
Cardiac P.E.T. Centre
radekemp at
(613) 696-7347

About Dr. Robert de Kemp

Office Location:
Cardiac P.E.T. Centre - University of Ottawa Heart Institute
40 Ruskin Street

Research Summary

Development of three-dimensional attenuation, scatter and partial volume corrections for positron emission tomography. Automated 3D cardiac image analysis and interpretation methods including kinetic modeling of Rb-82 blood flow and F-18-FDG metabolism measurements. New isotope infusion/inhalation systems for Rb-82 and O-15-labeled tracers for control of total administered activity and activity rates. 3D reconstruction of coronary arteries and fusion of anatomic/functional images.control of infusion dose rates as well as total injected dose and volume.


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