Multiscale Monte Carlo Simulations for Radiation Therapy

Multiscale Monte Carlo Simulations for Radiation Therapy

Radiation transport simulations are broadly used to study many aspects of physics related to radiotherapy treatments for cancer on different length scales from patients to cells to subcellular components.

Different projects involving computational and theoretical studies of the interactions of radiation with matter are possible and may be tailored to the student's background and interests.  Some projects involve use of egs_brachy, a fast Monte Carlo dose calculation for brachytherapy (developed in the Carleton Laboratory for Radiotherapy Physics), to investigate questions in brachytherapy physics (brachytherapy is a type of radiation treatment in which radioactive sources are placed next to or inside a tumour) as well as coupling advanced dose calculations with models of biological effect.  Other projects involve simulation of radiation interactions at cellular or subcellular levels, including comparison of quantum and classical approaches for modelling electron transport at low energies.



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