Investigation of a tumour-tracking planning method for radiotherapy

Supervisors: E. Heath (Emily [dot] Heath atcarleton [dot] ca), T. Xu (tong [dot] xu atcarleton [dot] ca)

Radiotherapy aims to delivery a high dose of ionizing radiation to the tumour while minimizing irradiation of surrounding healthy tissues. In sites affected by respiratory motion, precise dose delivery is challenged by the motion of the tumour. To compensate for the tumour motion it has been proposed that the radiation beam be adapted in real-time to follow the tumour. 

The goal of this project is to evaluate a previously developed respiratory-phase adapted radiotherapy technique. Evaluation of the technique will be performed by simulating delivery to computational patient phantoms for a variety of tumour sizes, tumour locations, and respiratory patterns. The simulated delivered dose will be compared with that obtained for conventional delivery methods.

Prospective students should be comfortable with basic programming tasks.

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