The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation & Dr. Kanta Marwah Scholarship in Medical Physics

Description (as per FGPA Awards website):  A doctoral dissertation scholarship up to the value of $10,000 is awarded annually for research in the area of Medical Physics, to an outstanding student in the Physics Department who, having successfully completed all course and comprehensive requirements, is undertaking completion of a PhD dissertation in Medical Physics at Carleton University. No application is required. The scholarship will be awarded by the Dean of Graduate and Post Doctoral Affairs upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee which will include the Chair of the Department of Physics, the Director of the Ottawa Medical Physics Institute and the Associate Chair of the Department of Physics for Graduate Studies. The recipient of the award will be announced in September each year. In a particular year the award may not be made for lack of a suitable candidate. The award was endowed by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation and Dr. Kanta Marwah in 2008. By accepting this award the recipient will acknowledge the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation and Dr. Marwah in their dissertation and in any follow-up publication. A copy of the dissertation will be provided by the Department of Physics to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa.

  • Chris Dydula (2020)
  • Eric Christiansen (2019)
  • Martin Martinov (2018)
  • Patricia Oliver (2017)
  • Sarah Cuddy-Walsh (2016)
  • Nelson Miksys (2015)
  • Dal Granville (2014)
  • Marc Chamberland (2013)
  • Justin Sutherland (2012)
  • Elsayed Ali (2011)
  • Amanda Cherpak (2010)
  • Tyler Dumouchel (2009)
  • Claire Foottit (2008)

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa was formed in 1917, and has lived up to its motto "We Build".  With 160 members from the private, public and voluntary sectors, the Club has a focus on community service projects for children and youth including the Kiwanis Read-a-thon, the Kiwanis Music Festival and mentoring with Cadets, Circle K, and Key Clubs.  These projects require thousands of volunteer hours from Club members, and the Club spearheads a number of high profile fund raising events to help fund these projects.  The Kiwanis Medical Foundation was formed in 1980.  Its objective is to advance medical research and treatment in Ottawa by providing funding to individuals or organizations with similar objectives.

Prof. Kanta Marwah is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics.  Her work concentrates on econometrics, macroeconometric models and their policy applications, international trade and foreign exchange markets, Asian integration, and peace economics.  The Dewan Chand and Ratna Devi Marwah Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton, the Prince Memorial Achievement Award in the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs at Carleton, support of the Kanta Marwah Lecture Series of the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, and gifts to the National Gallery of Canada and the National Arts Centre of Canada are previous evidence of her philanthropic outlook. Carleton University honoured Dr. Marwah with the Founders Award at Convocation on 2013 June 11. The Founders Award pays tribute to those who have made significant contributions to the advancement of Carleton through their dedication, generosity and commitment to the values of the University.  A long-term Kiwanian, she exemplifies the motto of Kiwanis International:  "One can make a difference".

The inaugural award was publicly celebrated at a reception 2009 September 17.  Shown in the photo below are Wayne French (Chair, Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation), President Roseann O'Reilly Runte, Prof. Kanta Marwah (Dept. of Economics), Claire Foottit (2008 winner), and Bill Gosewitz (President 2007-2008, Kiwanis Club of Ottawa).  The cheque shown represents the donation made in May 2008 which established the scholarship. 

Kiwanis Club scholarship
Photo taken by James Park


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