Video Vignettes Upload/Record

Thank you for spending a few minutes to upload/record your video

The Physics Department is proud of our alumni. We would like to showcase your achievements during and after your graduate studies at Carleton. Please prepare and upload/record a few minutes long video. The following are some talking points you can include in your video.

  1. Which year did you graduate from the program?
  2. What degree did you recieve?
  3. Why did you choose Carleton?
  4. Please provide a few sentences about your current job.
  5. How did your Physics degree at Carleton University prepare you for your job today?
  6. What was the most important aspect of your thesis in terms of your work since then?
  7. What did you like about the graduate program?
  8. What courses were the most helpful/interesting?
  9. What were some highlights during your study in the program?
  10. What was it like to be part of the Carleton University Physics community?
  11. What did you like about living in Ottawa?

How do I submit my video?

To submit your video, you would need a google/youtube account. The video can be chosen from:

  • An existing video on your YouTube account
  • A video on your local hard-drive that you have previously recorded
  • You can record the video on the fly using your web-cam.
    You can do many trial recordings until you are happy with it, then chose "upload"(submit). You can cancel at any time.

During the procedure, you will be asked to log in with your google/youtube account and give permission to allow the video be uploaded to your OWN account

What happens after my submission?

After submission, the video will have been uploaded to YOUR own YouTube account. You have all the rights on it(such as sharing, deleting). At the same time, the video will become a candidate to the Physics Department "Alumni Vignettes" PlayList. It will be reviewed and approved before it shows up on the Physics Department YouTube channel. Links will also be generated on the Physics Department Video Vignettes page for selected videos.

If you are ready to submit, click "login" below to start submission.

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