Prospective Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students:

  • The Carleton Theoretical Particle Physics Group is looking for 4 graduate students for fall 2021 at both the master's and doctoral level.  Possible thesis topics include:
    • Beyond the Standard Model phenomenology and model building,
    • Higgs physics,
    • Dark Matter physics,
    • Neutrino physics,
    • hadron physics.
  • Possible supervisors include Professors Stephen Godfrey, Thomas Gregoire, Heather Logan, Daniel Stolarski, and Yue Zhang. The department also intends to hire a new theory faculty member with expertise in astroparticle physics who will also be looking for graduate students.
  • Our students are fully supported through teaching and research assistantships and scholarships.
  • For an insider view of life as a Carleton Physics graduate student, see the Graduate Association for Students in Physics webpage.
  • Click here to apply and to find more information about graduate studies at Carleton University, including information about the application process and financial support.


  • Prof. Stephen Godfrey <godfrey[at]>
  • Prof. Thomas Gregoire <gregoire[at]>
  • Prof. Heather Logan <logan[at]>
  • Prof. Daniel Stolarski <stolar[at]>
  • Prof. Yue Zhang <yzhang[at]>

Undergraduate Students:

  • Summer student positions through the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards program: click here for information and to apply.  Applications are normally due in January for the following summer.