O-Rate Award

OMPI gives a small but prestigious annual award for the best OMPI graduate student seminar of the academic year.  Scoring is done by members of the OMPI Executive. Here are our winners:

Iymad Mansour (2017/2018)


Patty Oliver (2016/2017)


Nelson Miksys (2015/2016)


Dal Granville (2014/2015)


Victor Malkov and Paul Prior (co-winners 2013/2014)


Conor McFadden (2012/2013)


Marc Chamberland (2011/2012)

OMPI Presentation to Marc Chamberland
The first O-Rate was awarded to Marc Chamberland (left) by OMPI Director Malcolm McEwen at the OMPI seminars of 2013 February 28.


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