Alumni Graduate Theses

Student Defense
Type Thesis Title Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Supervisor 3
Islam El Gamal 2023-08-22 PhD A Novel Metrology Standard for Synchrotron Produced Monochromatic X-ray Beams Malcolm McEwen    
Iymad Mansour 2023-07-14 PhD Haralick texture analysis for characterization of specific energy and absorbed dose distributions across cellular to patient length scales Rowan Thomson    
Michael Thibodeau 2023-04-24 MSc Radiobiological modeling of Pd-103 permanent breast seed implant brachytherapy using Monte Carlo dose calculations Rowan Thomson    
Dinindu Gunasekara 2022-08-29 MSc Monte Carlo modelling of an orthovoltage x-ray system using multiple applications in EGSnrc Lindsay Beaton-Green    
Rodi Surensoy 2022-08-25 MSc Development of a hybrid alanine-calorimetry absorbed-dose standard for linac electron beams Bryan Muir    
Meaghen Shiha 2022-01-06 MSc 4D Monte Carlo Based Patient Dose Reconstruction Incorporating Surface Motion Measurements Emily Heath Joanna Cygler  
Ghada Aldosary 2021-12-09 PhD Advancing Treatment Accuracy of Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Eric Vandervoort    
Matthew Efseaff 2021-08-23 PhD Derivation and validation of a novel general cavity theory formalism Dan LaRussa Miller MacPherson  

Nathan Murtha



Reconstruction of a radioactive source distribution using a tomographic spatial-unfolding method with Compton gamma imager measurements

Laurel Sinclair

Patrick Saull

Ming Liu 2021-01-11 PhD Patient-specific planning target volume margins for liver stereotactic robotic radiosurgery Joanna Cygler Eric Vandervoort  
Christopher (Chris) Dydula 2021-01-11 PhD Development of x-ray coherent scatter projection imaging systems Paul Johns    
Keren Mayorov 2020-12-21 MSc Postmastectomy radiation therapy for patients with tissue expanders Elsayed Ali    
Spencer Manwell 2020-08-28 PhD Data-driven patient motion compensation in cardiac Positron Emission Tomography Rob de Kemp Ran Klein Tong Xu
Eric Christiansen 2020-08-26 PhD A framework for the robust delivery of respiratory motion adaptive arc radiotherapy Emily Heath Tong Xu  
Alexandra Bourgouin 2020-07-31 PhD Determination of Wair value in high energy electron beam Malcolm McEwen    
Nicholas (Nick) Majtenyi 2020-01-07 PhD Improved Arterial Input Function for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging using phase and T1 measurements Ian Cameron    
Martin Martinov 2019-12-19 PhD Heterogeneous multiscale Monte Carlo models for radiation therapy using gold nanoparticles Rowan Thomson    
Luke McCooeye 2019-08-27 MSc Dynamic model-based dose calculations of permanent implant prostate brachytherapy Emily Heath Rowan Thomson  
Sara Gholampourkashi 2019-02-12 PhD Experimental verification of 4D Monte Carlo simulations of dose delivery to moving and deforming anatomies Joanna Cygler Emily Heath  
Sarah Cuddy-Walsh 2018-11-06 PhD The impact of pinhole collimation on SPECT image noise and spatial resolution Glenn Wells    
Zachary (Zack) Parsons 2018-08-30 MSc Advanced Monte Carlo dose calculations for eye plaque brachytherapy Rowan Thomson    
Iymad Mansour 2018-08-23 MSc Development of mailed dosimetric audit for external beam radiation therapy using alanine dosimeters Malcolm McEwen    
C. Harry Allen 2018-08-22 MSc Raman spectroscopy of human lens epithelial cells exposed to a low-dose range of ionizing radiation Sangeeta Murugkar    
Patricia Oliver 2018-04-06 PhD Computational cell dosimetry for cancer radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology Rowan Thomson    
Ericka Venturina 2017-12-21 MSc Characterization of a modern implementation of dynamic conformal arc therapy Elsayed Ali    
Victor Malkov 2017-12-19 PhD Charged particle transport in magnetic fields in the EGSnrc Monte Carlo code system Dave Rogers    
Stephen Deering 2017-07-19 MSc Monte Carlo dose calculations for permanent breast seed implant brachytherapy Rowan Thomson    
Chad Hunter 2017-01-10 PhD A study of the prevalence of patient body motion and its subsequent correction by projection consistency conditions Rob deKemp    
Hamid Moradi 2016-12-20 MASc Development of Raman micro-spectroscopy to characterize human ovarian cancer cells Sangeeta Murugkar    
Mehan Haidari 2016-09-23 MSc Retrospective analysis of permanent prostate implants based on patient-specific Monte Carlo dose calculations Joanna Cygler Rowan Thomson  
Nelson Miksys 2016-08-26 PhD Advancements in Monte Carlo dose calculations for prostate and breast permanent implant brachytherapy Rowan Thomson    
Hong Shen 2016-04-25 MSc Commissioning of the NRC Wide Angle Free Air Chamber Malcolm McEwen Carl Ross  
Amir Pourmoghaddas 2016-04-22 PhD Quantitative imaging with a pinhole cardiac SPECT CZT camera Glenn Wells    
Raanan Marants 2015-12-17 MSc RADPOS system as a dose and position quality assurance tool for 4D radiotherapy with Cyber Knife Joanna Cygler Eric Vandervoort  
Nima Sherafati 2015-12-15 MSc KiloVoltage X-ray correction factors for in-water measurements based on TG-61 Dave Rogers    
Dal Granville 2015-09-11 PhD Development of a technique to simultaneously verify linear energy transfer and absorbed dose in therapeutic proton beams Gabriel Sawakuchi    
Elizabeth Orton 2015-09-04 PhD Extra-cardiac interference in myocardial perfusion imaging with Rubidium-82 and Positron Emission Tomography Glenn Wells    
Matthew Rodrigues 2015-05-06 PhD Automation of the cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay using imaging flow cytometry for high-throughput radiation biodosimetry  Ruth Wilkins    
Marc Chamberland 2015-04-24 PhD Applications of three-dimensional motion tracking of low-activity fiducial positron-emitting markers in radiation therapy and positron emission tomography Tong Xu    
Leila Lukhumaidze 2015-01-09 MSc Electron impact ionization in EGSnrc Dave Rogers    
Paul Prior 2014-09-08 MSc An iterative-triple-energy window
 approach to cross-talk correction in quantitative small-animal Tc-99m and In-111 single photon emission computed tomography
Glenn Wells    
Simin Razavi 2014-08-28 MSc Sensitivity and distortion studies of PeTrack Tong Xu    
Frank Marshall 2014-08-28 MSc Reconstruction of the spatial distribution of surface activity concentration for an in-situ, gamma-ray truck-borne survey Laurel Sinclair    
Brandon Zanette 2013-09-04 MSc Validation of the Bookend Method in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced mri Ian Cameron    
Jared Strydhorst 2013-09-03 PhD Quantitative multiplexed multi-pinhole small-animal SPECT Glenn Wells    
Michel Lalonde 2013-09-03 PhD Novel SPECT RNA quantification of mechanical dyssynchrony for the prediction of CRT response Richard Wassenaar Glenn Wells  
Bryan Muir 2013-08-30 PhD Measurements and Monte Carlo simulations for reference dosimetry of external radiation therapy beams Dave Rogers    
Islam El Gamal 2013-08-29 MSc An absorbed dose to water primary standard for Ir-192 brachytherapy Malcolm McEwen    
Justin Sutherland 2013-08-14 PhD Monte Carlo dose calculations for breast and lung permanent implant brachytherapy Dave Rogers Rowan Thomson  
Marielle Lespérance 2013-08-12 MSc Model-based dose calculations for eye plaque brachytherapy Rowan Thomson    
Conor McFadden 2013-07-22 MSc Performing radiation measurements at the sub-micrometer scale Gabriel Sawakuchi    
Stephanie Chiasson 2013-05-01 MSc Tc99m/T1201 cross-talk corrections on a dedicated cardiac CZT SPECT camera Glenn Wells    
Shoaib Khan 2012-12-13 MSc Source localization using a directional gamma ray spectrometer Laurel Sinclair    
Lindsay Beaton 2012-12-10 PhD Investigating the chromosome damage and gammaH2AX response in human lymphocytes and lymphocyte subsets as potential biomarkers of radiation sensitivity Ruth Wilkins    
Jason Bélec 2012-09-10 PhD Monte Carlo calculation of volumetric modulated arc therapy and helical tomotherapy dose distributions for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy lung treatments Brenda Clark    
Matthew Efseaff 2012-09-05 MSc Test-retest repeatability of myocardial blood flow measurements using Rubidium-82 Positron Emission Tomography Rob deKemp    
Elsayed Ali 2012-09-05 PhD Accurate unfolding of photon spectra of clinical linear accelerators from transmission measurements Dave Rogers    
Rachel Timmins 2012-08-24 MSc Dual isotope cross-talk correction in Tc-99m/In-111 small-animal SPECT Glenn Wells    
Karl Landheer 2012-08-14 MSc Synchrotron-based coherent scatter x-ray projection imaging using an array of monoenergetic pencil beams Paul Johns    
Ben Spencer 2012-08-13 MSc Three-dimensional co-registration between a positron emission tracking system and a C-arm x-ray imaging system Tong Xu    
Azeez Omotayo 2012-08-13 MSc Characterization of aluminium oxide optically stimulated luminescent dosimeters for clinical dosimetry in radiotherapy Gabriel Sawakuchi    
Tyler Dumouchel 2011-11-29 PhD Partial volume correction of cardiac mouse positron emission tomography images Rob deKemp    
Amanda Cherpak 2011-11-17 PhD Dose and position measurements using a novel 4D in vivo dosimetry system Joanna Cygler    
Munira Fardous Nahin 2011-04-29 MSc Reproducibility of Thallium-201 myocardial perfusion study in rat model with microSPECT Glenn Wells    
Ernesto Mainegra-Hing 2011-01-07 PhD Efficient Monte Carlo simulations in kilovoltage x-ray beams Iwan Kawrakow    
Patrick Assouad 2011-01-04 MSc A study of silver halide fibers using fiber evanescent wave spectroscopy to assess the potential for in-vivo diagnosis of malignant cervical tissue John Armitage    
Sorina Truica 2010-11-16 PhD Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging assessment of blood flow in the microvasculature of abdominal organs Ian Cameron    
Claire Foottit 2010-09-02 PhD The use of signal phase in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced magnetic resonance imaging Ian Cameron    
Chad Hunter 2010-08-31 MSc The dosimetry of Rubidium-82 based on dynamic PET/CT imaging in humans Rob deKemp    
Amir Pourmoghaddas 2010-01-21 MSc Respiratory motion compensation in 82Rb cardiac PET/CT Glenn Wells    
Elena Gil 2010-01-07 MSc Analysis of dosimetric differences between dose-to-water and dose-to-medium for electron beams Joanna Cygler    
Lourdes Garcia-Fernandez 2010-01-05 PhD Total marrow irradiation using helical Tomotherapy G. Peter Raaphorst David Wilkins  
Brian King 2009-09-11 PhD Accurate measurement of the x-ray coherent scattering form factors of tissues Paul Johns    
Marc Chamberland 2009-09-11 MSc Performance evaluation and algorithm development for real-time tumour tracking using positron emission markers Tong Xu    
Dan La Russa 2009-09-09 PhD The effect of low-energy electrons on the response of ion chambers to ionizing photon beams Dave Rogers    
Elena Olariu 2009-09-01 PhD Analysis of water diffusion in white matter using a hydration layers model Ian Cameron    
Mojgan Soleimani 2009-08-28 MSc Detector development for positron emission based real-time tumor tracking Tong Xu    
Lilie Wang 2009-04-02 PhD Study of the replacement correction factors for ionization chamber dosimetry by Monte Carlo simulations Dave Rogers    
Lindsay Beaton 2009-01-07 MSc Development and characterization of an in vitro alpha radiation exposure system for the purpose of cell culture Ruth Wilkins    
Tara Wood (Murphy) 2009-01-06 MSc Evaluation of dose calculation accuracy for laryngeal cancer radiation therapy treatment plans Joanna Cygler    
Marc Lamoureux 2008-09-05 MSc Quantification of myocardial bloodflow in small animals with 13N-ammonia microPET imaging Rob deKemp    
Jared Strydhorst 2008-09-04 MSc Breast cancer Tomotherapy:  The impact of intrafraction motion and shallow depth dose profiles on the choice of PTV depth Brenda Clark Miller MacPherson  
Jennifer Renaud 2008-09-03 MSc Quantification of myocardial blood flow and flow reserve with Rubidium-82 Positron Emission Tomography imaging Rob deKemp    
Michel Lalonde 2008-09-02 MSc Development and validation of SPECT radionuclide angiography phase analysis techniques for quantification of dyssynchrony Rob deKemp Richard Wassenaar  
Daljit Dhaliwal 2008-08-29 MSc The response of human colorectal xenografts with abnormal Tp53 status to chronomodulated Topotecan and x-radiation treatments Cheng Ng    
Andrew McDonald 2008-04-16 MSc Experimental investigation of megavoltage electron beam scattering Malcolm McEwen Carl Ross  
Kenji  Myint 2008-03-04 PhD Dose errors in the treatment planning process of cancer radiotherapy Lee Gerig    
Tyler Dumouchel 2007-09-11 MSc Evaluation and correction for scatter and attenuation on the LabPET4 Positron Emission Tomography system Rob deKemp    
Elsayed Ali 2007-09-07 MSc Making the EGSnrc/BEAMnrc system more efficient, accurate and realistic in simulating kilovoltage x-ray systems Dave Rogers    
Amanda Cherpak 2007-09-04 MSc MOSFET detectors in quality assurance of tomotherapy treatments Joanna Cygler    
Esmaeel Ghasroddashti 2007-05-16 PhD Predicting respiratory induced tumour motion using external surrogates Lee Gerig    
Andrei Andrievski 2007-01-03 MSc Characterizing of γH2AX response of human lymphocytes to ionizing radiation Ruth Wilkins    
Ken  Nkongchu 2006-09-11 PhD Magnetic resonance imaging approaches to gel dosimetry for validation of conformal radiotherapy treatment plans Giles Santyr    
Randle Taylor 2006-09-07 MSc Monte Carlo calculations for brachytherapy Dave Rogers    
Cliff Dugal 2006-09-05 MSc Application of Monte Carlo to linac bunker shielding design David Wilkins    
Marzieh Nezamzadeh 2006-08-23 PhD Rician noise corrected multi-component analysis of the MR diffusion signal decay for human brain in vivo Ian Cameron    
Zhanrong  Gao 2006-06-19 PhD Investigating geometric uncertainties in prostate cancer radiotherapy Lee Gerig    
Mihai Gherase 2006-05-31 PhD Characterization of hyperpolarized 129Xe dissolved in perfluorooctyl bromide emulsions as a novel magnetic resonance contrast agent Giles Santyr    
Zdenko Sego 2006-04-24 MSc Multiple source models for the beams from an Elekta SL25 clinical accelerator Dave Rogers    
Lourdes Garcia-Fernandez 2005-09-09 MSc Fitting the linear-quadratic model to detailed data sets for different dose ranges G. Peter Raaphorst David Wilkins  
Lesley Buckley 2005-08-31 PhD An EGSnrc investigation of correction factors for ion chamber dosimetry Dave Rogers    
Elena Tonkopi 2005-08-19 MSc Monte Carlo investigation of the influence of ion chamber response on in-air measurements in megavoltage photon beams Iwan Kawrakow    
Nishard Abdeen 2005-06-30 MSc Measurement of xenon diffusing capacity by hyperpolarized 129Xe mri and dynamic spectroscopy in rats with stachybotrys chartarum spore-induced pneumonitis Giles Santyr    
Richard Wassenaar 2005-06-03 PhD Extravascular density imaging for regional partial volume correction of 18FDG cardiac PET images Rob deKemp    
Mohammad Nisar 2005-01-04 MSc Coherent scatter x-ray imaging of plastic and water phantoms Paul Johns    
Stephen White 2004-09-20 MSc Volume estimation from three-dimensional hyperpolarized 129Xe magnetic resonance images Giles Santyr    
Juan Parra Robles 2004-09-02 PhD Magnetic resonance imaging of lungs at ultra-low magnetic field strength using hyperpolarized 129Xe gas Giles Santyr    
Andrew Wind 2004-06-07 MSc Pinhole SPECT with iterative reconstruction and the median root prior Barry McKee    
Malgorzata (Gosia)  Niedbala 2004-04-29 PhD Evaluation of radiation response to different dose rates, with/without mild hyperthermia, in human breast carcinoma cell lines of different radiosensitivities G. Peter Raaphorst    
Marco Carlone 2004-02-27 PhD Determining the α/β ratio for prostate cancer using clinically measured dose response data G. Peter Raaphorst David Wilkins  
Ziaul Hasan 2004-01-08 MSc Measurement of x-ray scattering form factors over a wide momentum transfer range Paul Johns    
Dana Mullins 2003-12-12 MSc Chronomodulation of topotecan and x-radiation therapy Cheng Ng    
Elena Olariu 2003-04-28 MSc Monte Carlo studies of the magnetic resonance diffusion decay Ian Cameron    
Salomeh Jelveh 2002-09-16 MSc Interstitial hyperthermia of brain tumours Robert L. Clarke Boguslaw (Bog) Jarosz  
Carey  Larsson (Feagan) 2001-12-13 MSc A study of the role of p21/WAF1/CP1 in thermal sensitzation Cheng Ng    
Matthew  Wismayer 2001-10-24 MSc Measurement of the amorphous coherent scatter form factor by using an x-ray powder diffractometer Paul Johns    
Ken  Nkongchu 2001-09-04 MSc PVA-Fricke hydrogels for radiotherapy dosimetry using mri Giles Santyr    
Zhanrong  Gao 2001-08-29 MSc A three-dimensional tumour growth model for a radiation therapy process simulation Lee Gerig    
Nina  Kalach 2001-07-09 MSc What constitutes a clinic-like radiotherapy photon beam? Dave Rogers    
Kenji  Myint 2001-05-15 MSc Examining the role of the non-homologous end-joining repair pathway in cisplatin radiosensitization and sub-lethal damage repair G. Peter Raaphorst    
Mark McDonald 2001-01-12 MSc Hyperpolarized 129Xe nuclear magnetic resonance at 1.89 T and 85 G:  A signal-to-noise ratio comparison Giles Santyr    
Robert Leclair 2000-08-29 PhD X-ray scatter imaging in medicine:  Model and experimental validation Paul Johns    
Debbie  Smith 2000-08-23 MSc The radiobiological equivalence of low dose rate irradiation and pulsed dose rate irradiation, as it relates to brachytherapy, using the U-87MG glioblstoma cell line G. Peter Raaphorst    
Daron Owen 2000-08-18 MSc A study of the interaction between camptothecin and low dose rate irradiation during concomitant application to human melanoma cells Cheng Ng    
Mei  Li 2000-08-17 MSc The Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM):  A new detector for scanned projection radiography Madhu Dixit Paul Johns  
Yvan Gauthier 2000-01-10 MSc Measurement of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient of water in white matter using magnetic resonance imaging:  A phantom study Ian Cameron    
Narine Martel (Kizilian) 1999-12-20 MSc Prediction of radiosensitivity by measurement of radiation-induced apoptosis in human blood using the comet assay G. Peter Raaphorst    
Pascale Sévigny 1999-08-31 MSc MR imaging of hyperpolarized Xenon-129:  A feasibility study for biomedical applications Giles Santyr    
Tanya  Hewitt 1999-04-28 MSc Pinhole Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography Barry McKee    
Daryoush Sheikh-Bagheri 1999-01-08 PhD Monte Carlo study of photon beams from medical linear accelerators:  Optimization, benchmark and spectra Dave Rogers    
Malgorzata (Gosia)  Niedbala 1998-12-10 MSc A comparison of pulsed dose rate to low dose rate irradiations with/without mild hyperthermia using three human cell lines G. Peter Raaphorst    
Geoff Zhang 1998-09-03 PhD Monte Carlo investigation of electron beam relative output factors Dave    Rogers    
Miller MacPherson 1998-07-20 PhD Accurate measurement of the collision stopping powers for 5 to 30 MeV electrons Carl Ross    
Sheri  Boyden 1998-05-04 MSc Investigation of adaptive response in human tumour and normal cell lines with varying radiosensitivity G. Peter Raaphorst    
Kevin  Lenton 1998-04-28 PhD Hydroxyl radical scavengers and antioxidants in radiation protection Clive Greenstock    
David Gobbi 1997-09-09 MSc A high-pressure gas microstrip detector for digital radiography Madhu Dixit Paul Johns  
Mazen  Soubra 1997-08-28 PhD Linac head scatter factor for asymmetric radiation field Lee Gerig    
Larry  Gates 1997-08-11 PhD A study of water mobility in human tissue in vivo:  Apparent diffusion coefficients in brain and leg muscle Ian Cameron    
Ruth  Wilkins 1996-08-30 PhD The prediction of patient radiosensitivity using the clonogenic assay and asymmetric field inversion electrophoresis G. Peter Raaphorst    
Cathy  MacGillivray 1996-05-10 MSc Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of moving structure using a three echo navigator imaging technique Ian Cameron    
Patrick  Rapley 1996-05-06 PhD Semi-cylindrical surface gradient coils:  A novel approach to NMR gradient coil design John Saunders    
Julia  Wallace 1996-04-03 PhD Characterization of human ovarian cancer by magnetic resonance spectroscopy using in vivo and ex vivo models G. Peter Raaphorst    
Ria  Corsten 1995-09-28 MSc Ionization chamber response for brachytherapy sources Alex Bielajew    
Bilal  Shahine 1995-09-01 MSc Model of radiation treatment response after continuous and fractionated irradiation with/without mild hyperthermia G. Peter Raaphorst    
Ufuk (Dennis)  Akyürekli 1995-08-29 PhD The effects of hyperthermia on tissue blood flow Lee Gerig    
George  Ding 1995-05-10 PhD An investigation of radiotherapy beams using Monte Carlo techniques Dave Rogers    
Doru Kaytar 1995-04-28 MSc Hyperthermia generated with an array of interstitial ultrasound waveguide applicators Boguslaw (Bog) Jarosz    
Dennis  Heller 1993-10-21 PhD Radiobiological aspects of cellular recovery following high and low dose-rate irradiation with/without mild hyperthermia in a human glioma cell model G. Peter Raaphorst    
Ted  Lawrence 1993-08-04 MSc The variables controlling the intensity and purity of fluorescence x rays Paul Johns    
David  Wilkins 1993-02-10 PhD Radiobiological and magnetic resonance studies of combined radiation and cisplatin therapy in the 9L rat brain tumour model G. Peter Raaphorst    
Andrew  Weber 1991-12-17 MSc Comparison of four methods of blood flow measurement Lee Gerig    
Julia Older 1991-12-16 MSc Beam hardening correction for standard computed tomography using dual-material decomposition Paul Johns    
Reza  Dokht 1991-05-24 MSc Focusing ultrasound with zone lenses Robert L. Clarke Boguslaw (Bog) Jarosz  
Elias Zakhour 1991-01-11 MSc Thermal dose and blood perfusion rate from clinical data G. Peter Raaphorst    
Bruce  Faddegon 1990-09-21 PhD Bremsstrahlung of 10 to 30 MeV electrons incident on thick targets Dave Rogers    
Hripsime  Shahbazian 1984 MSc Axicon imaging Robert L. Clarke    
Kulvir  Kapoor 1981 PhD Development and assessment of Compton scattered x-ray technique for bone density measurement in vivo Robert L. Clarke    
Michael Ebifegha 1980 MSc Theoretical and experimental studies of Compton scatter densitometry Robert L. Clarke    
Michael White 1977 MSc A study of bone density measurements using the photon scattering technique Robert L. Clarke    
Donald  Richardson 1975 MSc Multiple wire proportional chambers:  Readout problems in organ imaging Robert L. Clarke    
Alan  Mortimer 1974 MSc The measurement of bone mineral content using scattered and transmitted x rays Robert L. Clarke    
Holo   Devnani 1971 MSc Modulation transfer function of gamma ray collimators Robert L. Clarke    

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