About the Ottawa Medical Physics Institute (OMPI) and Carleton Graduate Program in Medical Physics

Medical physics is the application of physics to problems involving human health. Important developments in this field hold promise for improvements in the diagnosis and understanding of disease, and in the application of advanced technology to patient care.

The Ottawa Medical Physics Institute (OMPI)

The Ottawa Medical Physics Institute (OMPI) is the dynamic network of medical physicists in Canada's capital region. Officially, it is a Carleton University Research Centre, based in the Department of Physics. Founded in 1989, the OMPI now constitutes over 40 medical physicists and associate scientists in the Ottawa region. Our members are located at The Ottawa Hospital and The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, NRC, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (Chalk River), and Nordion, as well as at Carleton University. Collectively, the medical physics community in Ottawa is one of the strongest and most diverse in Canada, spanning imaging physics, cancer therapy physics, medical biophysics, and some aspects of health physics. The intent of OMPI is that by collaborating on common research and academic matters we can accomplish much for our field, our institutions, and for the public. Amongst its other activities, the OMPI runs a very successful monthly seminar series on medical physics research, and coordinates the MSc and PhD programs in medical physics within the Carleton Physics Department. 

Carleton Graduate Program in Medical Physics

In Ottawa, graduate studies in medical physics are offered at the MSc and PhD level, with specializations in imaging, therapy, and biophysics. The PhD program in Medical Physics at Carleton is accredited by CAMPEP (Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs). Medical physics studies comprise one component of the graduate program of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Physics, which combines the resources of the Physics Departments at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. The medical physics program is focused at Carleton University: Program Details

If you would like further information on medical physics in the national capital region, please do not hesitate to contact:

Malcolm McEwen, Ph.D. 
Executive Director, OMPI
Research Officer 
Ionizing Radiation Standards 
National Research Council of Canada 


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