Members of the Carleton University particle theory group are committed to promoting an environment of accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our group. We recognize and celebrate the diversity and lived experiences of the students, postdocs, faculty, and staff. Our full statement on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accesibility can be found here.

The Carleton Theoretical Particle Physics group is the largest phenomenology group in Canada, focusing on the connection between particle theory and experiments.  The group is composed of seven faculty members, five research associates, five PhD students, and one MSc student.  We study models of new physics and how they might be detected by experiments.  If unexpected experimental results are found, we aim to disentangle the underlying theory.  Most recently, members of the group have worked on Higgs physics and physics beyond the Standard Model as can be studied at the LHC and the future colliders.  In addition, we study a broad range of topics in particle physics ranging from hadronic physics to dark matter.

Some recent papers by the members of the theory group:

EvoEMD: cosmic evolution with an early matter-dominated era

Phases of a Confining SU(5) Chiral Gauge Theory with Three Generations

Q-Monopole-Ball: A Topological and Nontopological Soliton

Probing Neutrino-Portal Dark Matter at the Forward Physics Facility

Flavor and CP Violation from a QCD-like Hidden Sector

Status of negative coupling modifiers for extended Higgs sectors


News Stories

Congratulations to Paul Archer-Smith and Ben Keeshan

Congratulations to Paul Archer-Smith and Ben Keeshan who completed their PhDs in summer 2021. Paul's thesis was titled "Beauty from senselessness: Searching for signals of Beyond the Standard Model physics in a complex world" and he was supervised by Daniel. Ben's thesis was titled "Investigating Custodial Symmetry Violation in the Georgi-Machacek Model" and he was supervised by Heather.

Theory group welcomes five new graduate students

The theory group will have three new PhD students and two new MSc students starting in Fall 2021. The three PhD students are Cem Ayber who will be working with Seyda, Yu-Ming Chen who will be working with Yue, and Fazlul Yasin who will be working with Heather and Daniel.

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