OMPI Seminar - Joel Mullins and Ian Cameron

Thursday, May 19, 2022


Resident presentation:

“Clinical implementation of an offline adaptive radiotherapy procedure in
the RayStation treatment planning system”

Patients presenting with head-and-neck cancers commonly experience
significant weight loss over the course of their treatment, compromising
the clinical treatment objectives and necessitating a new CT scan and
treatment plan optimization. The RayStation treatment planning system
provides several tools and functions that can be adopted into an offline
adaptive radiotherapy workflow, including deformable image registration,
dose computation on daily imaging scans, dose tracking over the treatment
course, and adaptive radiotherapy optimizations, as well as a scripting
environment to facilitate their use in the adaptive radiotherapy workflow.
The presented work will illustrate the steps and measurements involved in
the commissioning of an offline adaptive radiotherapy procedure for
head-and-neck cancer patients in the RayStation treatment planning system.

By Dr. Joel Mullins
The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre


Member presentation:

“Assessment of Microvascular Blood Flow Using MRI”

Detailed knowledge of microvascular flow can be very useful for the
assessment of certain pathologies.  We have worked with a radiologist at
The Ottawa Hospital for several years to develop better ways of measuring
microvascular parameters for gliomas using MRI.  There are several MRI
techniques that are sensitive to microvascular flow.  The more established
methods track a contrast agent as it flows through the tissue; other
approaches do not require the injection of a contrast agent.  In the first
part of my talk, I will briefly introduce these different methods, giving
relative merits and shortcomings of each.  For the techniques that involve
the injection of a contrast agent it is important to know the volume of
blood delivered to the tissue of interest as a function of time.  This is
known as the arterial input function (AIF).  The main focus of the talk
will be the presentation of a new method for the reduction of partial
volume effects in the measurement of the AIF using the phase of the MRI

By Dr. Ian Cameron
The Ottawa Hospital

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