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Theoretical Particle Physics

Particle Phyiscs Phenomenology
- Connect theory and experiment
- Predict the experimental signatures of theories
- Interpret experimental results to identify the underlying theory

  1. Hadron Physics
    • Understand QCD, the theory of the strong interactions
    • Use models to predict properties of new hadronic states
    • Use models to understand the nature of exotic new hadrons
  2. Search for New Physics
    • Study the experimental signatures of "Beyond the Standard model theories"
    • eg. Discovery and ID Z's predicted by Extended gauge sectors, Little Higgs grand unified theories, etc, at LHC and ILC,.
  3. Understanding EWSB at the LHC
    • Understanding EWSB (the origin of mass) is the a main priority of the LHC
    • We are studying the predictions of various models so we can distinguish between the various possibilities


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