Seminar by Elena Venturini

Monday, May 9, 2022
11 AM

Title: Electric dipole moments at one-loop in the dimension-six SMEFT

Electric dipole moments (EDMs) constitute a set of low energy observables which are extremely sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model. This is due to the fact that, as a consequence of their CP violating nature, EDMs are very strongly suppressed within the Standard Model and are far below current experimental reach, while contributions to EDMs coming from new CP violating physics are typically unsuppressed. On the other hand, the experimental sensitivity, in particular to the electron and neutron EDMs, has recently improved by one order of magnitude and is going to further increase in the near future.

In this seminar I will discuss the tree-level and one-loop contributions to lepton and neutron EDMs, in the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, up to dimension-six level. I will present the bounds induced on the different Wilson coefficients and on the new physics scale by the experimental constraints, showing the power of these observables in probing physics beyond the Standard Model.

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