The CLRP TG-43 Parameter Database for Brachytherapy

R. E. P. Taylor and D. W. O. Rogers


Note that the LDR portion of this web page was superseded in 2020 by a new version and in 2022 a new HDR version  became available. The new versions are available here.

About the Database

This is the home of the Carleton Laboratory for Radiotherapy Physics (CLRP) Database of TG-43 brachytherapy dosimetry parameters. The dosimetry parameters presented here were calculated using the EGSnrc usercode BrachyDose1,2, a Monte Carlo code for doing rapid brachytherapy treatment planning calculations. The code is capable of calculating the full 3D dose distribution with (1 mm)3 voxels from 125  125I seeds in a prostate implant with 2% statistics in under 5 minutes on a single Xeon processor.

On these pages you will find a set of TG-43 dosimetry parameters for all of the brachytherapy seeds listed in the Joint AAPM/RPC brachytherapy source registry. The aim of this work was to create a comprehensive database of TG-43 dosimetry parameters using a consistent set of methods for all seeds. These data are made freely available to the public and we hope it will prove to be a valuable resource for the Medical Physics Community.

The information contained in this CLRP TG-43 parameter database is provided for research and educational purposes only and must not be directly used for clinical applications.

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Brachytherapy Seed Data:

For the current list of seeds covered by TG-43 and the Joint AAPM/RPC brachytherapy source registry please visit the RPC website.

125I Seeds:

103Pd Seeds:

192Ir HDR Seeds:

192Ir PDR Seeds:

169Yb HDR Seeds:

Under Construction:

  • Amersham, THINSeed, 9011
  • Theragenics Co., ISeed, AgX100
  • IsoRay Inc., Proxcelan, CS1

* Primary and Scatter Separated (PSS) dose data available

Database Change Log
We ask that anyone using data found on this web page to please cite our report on this data set published in Medical Physics3


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Contact Information:

If you would like to know more about the CLRP TG-43 Database, please contact:

David Rogers         E-mail: drogersatphysics [dot] carleton [dot] ca
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