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  • CLRP-08-01: "Manual of backscatter_clrp: An EGSnrc user-code for
    backscatter calculations'', by Ali and Rogers
  • CLRP-10-02: "Monte Carlo calculations of the beam quality conversion
    factor, kQ, for cylindrical ionization chambers'', by Muir and
  • CLRP-11-01: "Validation of a new spectral functional form", by Ali and Rogers
  • CLRP-12-01: "Addition of photonuclear attenuation in EGSnrc", by Ali and Rogers
  • CLRP-12-02 "Data for an accurate transmission measurement benchmark", by Ali, McEwen and Rogers
  • CLRP-13-01 "User Guide for 3ddose tools", by Martinov and Thomson
  • CLRP-14-01 "Photonuclear attenuation and XCOM cross sections in EGSnrc", by Ali, Mainegra-Hing and Rogers
  • CLRP-17-01 "Electric and magnetic field macros in EGSnrc", by Malkov and Rogers


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