The Carleton ILC Group focuses on the development of a large volume Time Projection Chamber as the main charged particle tracking for the multi-purpose detector to be build at the International Linear Collider (ILC).

The bulk of this group's ILC development work is in the form of Time Projection Chamber (TPC) readout studies which are documented on this website.

The Carleton group is a member of a world-wide initiative involved in the development of ILC detectors called RD51 Collaboration.

A world consensus has emerged to construct a new 500 to 1000 GeV electron-positron ILC as the next high energy accelerator for particle physics. Particle physicists are convinced that the ILC is essential to extend and clarify discoveries at the energy frontier and to make precision measurements to reach a deeper understanding of the nature at subatomic level.

Advances in our knowledge of the structure of matter during the past century have been made possible largely through the development of successive generations of high energy particle accelerators as well as a continued improvement in detector technologies.



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