Here are instructions on how to import a virtual system to your computer. The instructions are for a Windows 7 host. Assistance is available to install on other types of systems if required.

  1. Install Winscp:  Available at Choose "Download Winscp". Choose latest non-beta release. This software is used to transfer the vdi from the storage location to your computer. Winscp for use on Windows only. On Macs, use Fetch or command line sftp command.
  2. Setup Winscp to connect to vdi repositry:  Run Winscp. Set up for first time use. Choose "New". Enter the following -  File Protocol : SFTP, Hostname:, Username: phys48075002.  Choose "Save".
  3. Transfer virtual system to your computer using Winscp:  Run Winscp. Double-click on cloudhshare entry in list to start session.  Enter password. The password is available from your instructor. A Winscp window will appear. The column on the left is your computer. The column on the right is the cloudshare. In this column, click on "share1".  Double-click on the proper file (srl_4gb3_Win7.ova  or srl_4gb3_Win8-1.ova ) to transfer the vdi to your computer. This step will take several minutes due to the size of the file depending on your internet connection.
  4. Install Virtual Box software version 4.3.12 . Available here.
  5. Virtual System Info:  The vdi provided is 64 bit.  The assumption is you are running a 64 bit O/S on a 64 bit system on your home computer. The vdi has a 3.5GB memory size. If you have less memory than that, VirtualBox will shrink the size of your installed vdi accordingly. If you have less than 3.5GB of memory on your home computer, you may run into problems running the virtual system.
  6. Import the virtual system:   Run "VirtualBox".  Click on "File". Choose "Import Appliance". Select previously downloaded ova file. The import may take several minutes. Once imported, the virtual system should appear in the left hand column as "SRL2".
  7. Set up the shared folder: This should be done before starting the virtual system. Our your host system system, create a new folder on your Desktop called " Vbox_Share".  In the VirtualBox application,  click on "Shared Folders" for virtual system SRL2 in list of system descriptors in right hand side of window.  In the new window popup, click on "+" along right hand side to add share. Enter the name of the share you just created (Vbox_Share) using Browse option via drag down menu (ie Other). Enter name of share as "shared". The virtual system is automatically set to mount the "shared" folder.
  8. Start up virtual system:  Double click on "SRL2". The system will boot up in a new window and you will be presented with a Scientific Linux login window.  See your instructor for login information.
  9. Sharing Files:  On the linux virtual system, if you write to /shared, you will see the files in your Desktop folder Vbox_Share and vice versa.