Physics Public Lecture - October 11, 2012

Discovery of the Higgs Boson  - The Mystery of Mass revealed


On July 4, 2012, CERN scientists announced the discovery of a new subatomic particle, the Higgs boson, at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), an accomplishment comparable to  landing on the moon: “the biggest scientific achievement of a generation” (Maclean’s).

The Physics Public Lecture on Oct 11, 2012 featured Carleton University Physics Professors Thomas Koffas (an experimentalist working on the LHC’s ATLAS experiment) and Heather Logan (a theorist working on Higgs physics) who explained how the Higgs boson generates mass and described its experimental discovery in which Carleton University physicists played a key role.

The lecture was held in the Kailash Mital Theatre in Southam Hall to a capacity crowd of 444.

The event was organized by the Recruitment  and Retention committee of the Department of Physics.


Documents and Slides: 
Physics Public Lecture - October 11, 2012
Physics Public Lecture - October 11, 2012