Optimization of 4D cone-beam CT acquisition parameters

Supervisors:   E. Heath (Emily [dot] Heathatcarleton [dot] ca)

                     T. Xu      (tong [dot] xuatcarleton [dot] ca)

                     E. Ali      (elaliattoh [dot] ca)


Modern external beam radiotherapy equipment is equipped with on-board x-ray imaging technology. By acquiring 2-dimensional projection images from different angles around the patient, a 3D image of the patient can be constructed. Recent developments have enabled 4D imaging which allows measurement of a patient's internal anatomical motion. The aim of this project is to determine optimum acquisition parameters for 4D CBCT imaging at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (TOHCC), which balance the trade-off between image quality and imaging dose. The student will participate in experiments at the TOHCC and will perform the  image analysis. If time permits, the student will also work on extracting motion models from 4D CBCT images using deformable image registration software. Prospective students should be comfortable with basic programming tasks.