Dr. Madhu Dixit

Adjunct Research Professor
msd at

About Dr. Madhu Dixit

I am investigating new opportunities, including the development of a Time Projection Chamber for the International Linear Collider and SNOLAB.

  • The ILC is a proposed new high energy electron-positron collider uniquely capable of new discoveries & to better understand LHC discoveries.
  • A ~100 µm resolution Time Projection Chamber (TPC) has been proposed for the ILC tracker.
  • The resolution goal is more than 2 times better than existing TPCs.
  • Worldwide R&D effort to develop Micro Pattern Gas Detectors (MPGD) to meet the ILC TPC challenge.
  • The Carleton group has developed a new concept of charge dispersion in a 2 dimensional R-C network for the ILC MPGD-TPC.
  • Small prototype TPC tests demonstrate that the 100 µm resolution is achievable.
  • Our TPC design concept is being further developed for the ILC.
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