Dr. Rolf Clackdoyle

Adjunct Research Professor
The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus
rolf.clackdoyle at
(613) 796-5555 ext. 12035

About Dr. Rolf Clackdoyle

Office Location:
The Ottawa Hospital - Diagnostic Imaging - RECON - Civic Campus - 153 Carling Ave. S50

Research Summary

Analytic methods image reconstruction from projections: Development of theory and algorithms for limited data problems in classical tomography, for example, region-of-interest reconstruction from truncated projections. Analysis of sufficient and insufficient data configurations and what object features can and can not be reliably reconstructed in these situations Dynamnic region-of-interest reconstruction: Development of theory and reconstruction algorithms for imaging non-static specimens with incomplete (e.g. truncated) data. A typical example would be scanning a patient throughout several respiratory cycles with a detector too small to cover the full transaxial extent. Geometric calibration of cone-beam scanners: Development of direct analytic methods of obtaining geometric parameters of a generic cone-beam scanner by imaging a known calibration phantom and extracting the scanner geometry from the measurements using direct formulas.

Selected Publications:

  1. R.Clackdoyle, C.Mennessier. 2011. "Centers and centroids of the conebeam projection of a ball." Phys. Med. Biol. 56, 7371-7391
  2. R.Clackdoyle, M.Defrise. 2010. "Tomographic Reconstruction in the 21st Century. Region-of-interest reconstruction from incomplete data." IEEE Signal Processing. 27(4), 60-80
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  4. S.Bartolac, R.Clackdoyle, F.Noo, J.Siewerdsen, D.Moseley, D.Jaffray. 2009. "A local shift-variant Fourier model and experimental validation of circular cone-beam tomography artifacts," Med. Phys. 36, 500-512
  5. J.Roberts, R.Maddula, R.Clackdoyle, E.Di Bella, Z.Fu. 2007. "The Effect of Acquisition Interval and Spatial Resolution on Dynamic Cardiac Imaging with a Stationary SPECT Camera," Phys. Med. Biol. 52, 4525-4540
  6. M.Defrise, F.Noo, R.Clackdoyle, H.Kudo. 2006. "Truncated Hilbert transform and image reconstruction from limited tomographic data." Inverse Problems 22, 1037-1053
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