CNSC Lecture "New Horizons in Radiation Medicine – Protons" by Dr. Rao Khan

Friday, April 5, 2019

Time: 1:30-3:00PM

Location: CNSC headquarters (280 Slater St.) 

The next speaker in the CNSC speaker series is Dr. Rao Khan.  He will be delivering a presentation titled “New Horizons in Radiation Medicine – Protons” which will provide an overview of this new modality and shed some light on the challenges that arise from proton therapy in cancer clinics.

Dr. Khan is an associate professor of radiation oncology and Director of Medical Physics Education at the Washington University School of Medicine. His current research and academic interests include development of new imaging and therapeutic tools to enhance tumor control in patients, 3D printing to provide low cost and desktop-based solution for smaller cancer clinics, and new residency program models to enhance training for radiation oncology physics residents.

Members of the OMPI community are welcome to attend. Please email or call Mariam Iqbal to confirm attendance:

mariam [dot] iqbalatcanada [dot] ca