Theory Seminar

Monday, January 21, 2019

Speaker: Jason Holt

Time: 2:30PM -- 3:30PM

Location: PA 133

Title: Probing physics beyond the standard model with modern nuclear theory

Abstract: As science probes ever more extreme facets of the universe, the role of nuclear theory in confronting fundamental questions in nature continues to deepen. Long considered a phenomenological field, breakthroughs in many-body methods together with our treatment of nuclear and electroweak forces are rapidly transforming modern nuclear theory into a true first-principles, or ab initio, discipline. In this talk I will discuss recent advances which expand the scope of ab initio calculations to essentially all properties of light, medium-mass nuclei and beyond. When based on consistently derived two- and three-nucleon forces, these powerful approaches allow first predictions of the limits of nuclear existence and the evolution of magic numbers far from stability.In particular I will focus on recent extensions to fundamental problems in nuclear-weak physics, including a proposed solution of the long- standing quenching puzzle in beta decays, calculations of neutrinoless double-beta decay for determining neutrino masses, and WIMP-nucleus scattering cross sections relevant for dark matter direct detection searches.