Particle Seminar

Monday, November 4, 2019

Speaker: Aaron Vincent

Affiliation: Queens

Time: 2:30PM -- 3:30PM

Location: HP 4351

Title: Very small black holes at very large experiments

Abstract: The existence of Large Extra Dimensions has been an intriguing 
prospect since they were first suggested. In such scenarios, the “true” Planck 
mass can be as low as a few TeV, and much of the large discrepancy between 
the observed Planck scale and the electroweak scale can be explained by 
geometric effects. One of the more tantalizing signatures of such scenarios is 
the creation of microscopic black holes in collisions of high-energy particles. I 
will first describe the reach of the next generation of neutrino observatories, 
which can probe energies far in excess of the LHC, and will describe the novel 
experimental signatures of microscopic black holes in neutrino telescopes like 
IceCube Gen2. I will end by showing that, if LEDs can be also probed at future 
colliders such as the FCC, these black holes can be used to detect and 
constrain dark matter — or any dark sector particle lighter than a few TeV — 
regardless of its coupling to the standard model.