Particle Seminar

Monday, December 2, 2019

Speaker: Carlos de Lima

Affiliation: Carleton

Time: 2:30PM -- 3:30PM

Location: HP 4351

Title: Higgsplosion Mechanism: Exploring Quantum Field Theory at High Multiplicity

The Higgsplosion is a newly (2017) proposed mechanism by Valentin V. Khoze and Michael 
Spannowsky that can happen at high multiplicity inside a quantum field theory. This 
presentation aims to introduce the path for the Higgsplosion proposal and then explore some 
consequences of this mechanism. I will review some perturbative results of high multiplicity 
processes, discuss different approximations in this regime and the apparent loss of unitarity. 
Then, to rescue unitarity, Higgsplosion is introduced in a simple scalar field theory. In the end, 
I will discuss some open questions about this mechanism and present a different interpretation 
of what is happening if Higgsplosion occurs in the toy model presented.