Particle Seminar

Monday, November 25, 2019

Speaker: Alan Robinson

Affiliation: Université de Montréal

Time: 2:30PM -- 3:30PM

Location: HP 4351

Title: Exploring the low-energy frontier

Abstract: The search for dark matter has spurred the development of novel
calorimeters that are now capable of detecting single electrons ionized
in a large crystal. Their use in rare-event searches provides a new
frontier of sensitivity not only to rare-events from novel physics, but
also to those from known physics at the single-quantum level. Commonly
sought signals from dark matter and neutrino scattering and backgrounds
from photon and neutron scattering will appear unfamiliar in comparison
to what we observe higher energies.

I will present efforts at the University of Montreal to explore this
low-energy frontier through calibration and phenomenology. We are
exploring the effects of collective resonances and rare processes while
simultaneously developing measurements for these effects. To name a
few of these processes, we are looking at low-energy Compton
scattering, Thomson scattering, the Migdal effect, beam-velocity-
dependent detector ionization, plasmon resonances, and energy shifts
due to electron dynamics in detector materials.