OMPI Seminar: Dan LaRussa and Christopher Dydula

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Time: 3:45- 5:15 pm, Refreshments start at 3:30 pm. Please notice the 15 minute delay in start.

Location:   The Ottawa Hospital, 501 Smyth Road., Auditorium (Room M2919, 2nd floor)



1) "Fast synchrotron-based x-ray scatter projection imaging: Image acquisition, formation, and quality assessment"

by Christopher Dydula, PhD Candidate, Carleton University, Department of Physics

Supervisor: Paul Johns

Abstract: X-ray scatter imaging utilizes material-dependent scatter signatures to provide information missed by conventional transmission imaging and improve contrast.  It has applications in medicine, security, and non-destructive testing.  One challenge to its dissemination has been the time needed to acquire image data.  We have implemented a prototype x-ray scatter projection imaging system at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, and have reduced acquisition times from ~1 h to ~2 min.  In this talk I will present scatter data acquisition schemes, the steps required to turn the data into images, and assess image quality degradation in the faster compared to the slower schemes.

2) "Advanced visualization of medical images and models using virtual reality"

by Daniel LaRussa, PhD, The Ottawa Hospital

Abstract: A new era of virtual and augmented reality technology is enabling a new, booming landscape of innovative medical applications.  In this presentation, a comprehensive framework for navigating this new creative space will be introduced, with an emphasis placed on visualizing and manipulating medical images and models in a perspective 3D environment. Various concepts associated with this framework will be illustrated using examples of medical virtual reality applications under development by realizeLAB at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and University of Ottawa.  New opportunities for personalized care, cross-discipline clinical collaboration and communication, and integration with radiology and radiotherapy programs will also be highlighted.