OMPI seminar

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Time: 3:30PM -- 5:00PM

Location: HP4351

Title: 1. "Magnetic fields in EGSnrc -  validation and applications"

By Victor Malkov, PhD student at Carleton University, Supervisor: David W. O. Rogers

Development of synergistic MRI-radiation therapy machines requires magnetic field capable Monte Carlo codes. We have implemented an efficient and accurate code to perform charged particle transport in 
magnetic fields in EGSnrc. Verification with the Fano cavity theorem demonstrates excellent agreement between our calculations and theory while also highlighting sensitivities in the magnetic field Fano cavity 
testing procedure. The code is used to evaluate the effects of the magnetic field on ion chamber response and lung dose near heterogeneous structures.

2. "The University of Ottawa seven Tesla small animal MRI: cerebral and renal perfusion"

By Greg Cron, PhD, Imaging physicist at The Ottawa Hospital

Dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) involves rapid, repeated MRI imaging during intravenous infusion of a contrast agent.  These data are combined to make a “movie” of contrast agent delivery to tissues of interest. The movie can be analyzed to obtain blood flow characteristics of the tissue, which can help diagnose pathologies.  Development of DCE-MRI protocols is non-trivial, however, especially for small animals. This talk will discuss the first two successful implementations of DCE-MRI on UofO’s 7T animal MRI scanner. The first research project looked at how eating a junk food diet affects stroke recovery in rats. The second ongoing project is investigating the 
effect of aspirin on hypertensive mice and rats.

Social event:
Coordinated by the OMPI graduate student representative, Martin Martinov