Physics Research Lab Tour For Undergraduate Students

Friday, November 4, 2011

Date:  Friday November 4

Time:  2:35 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Starts at the main entrance of Herzberg building


You don’t have to register. But, kindly RSVP at this link to help us better prepare for a smooth tour.

If you have ever wondered...

          “Why am I studying these hard physics courses? Is there real justification for my hard work?”

          “I am so bored with measuring things that have been done hundreds years ago, isn't there something more exciting?”

          “What do physics profesors do for fun anyway?”

          “What kind of real research can I do now? And in the future?”

          “How can I earn some CA$H  by doing research?”


Then, come to the Physics Research Lab tour.

 The 2.5 hour  tour will include:

 Particle Physics Labs/Presentations


          CRIPT   and FOREWARN

          EXO lab

          Theoretical Particle Physics

 Medical Physics Labs/presentations

           CLRP  (Carleton Laboratory for Radiotherapy Physics)

          CLRP Radiation dosimetry lab

          PeTrack  & imaged guided radiation therapy

          X-ray scatter imaging lab