Radiation Monitoring and Verification Research

Our research group is a part of the Radiation Surveillance Division - Radiation Protection Bureau - Health Canada. The group aims to deliver accurate measurement of fundamental radiological quantities such as real-time ambient dose rate, trace level radioactivity concentrations in air and ground contamination. Our main interests focus in the R&D (research and development) programs on detection concept, technology and method.  

In the past we developed nuclear analytical methods and α, γ, or β, γ coincidence measurement technology in support of Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban (CTBT) treaty monitoring, nuclear forensics and nuclear non-proliferation. The group is committed to operate the radiological monitoring networks in Canada and the CTBT environmental radiation monitoring system worldwide.

We are current looking for a M.Sc. graduate student to Join our group. Graduate students will assist us in maintaining a core and continuing commitment to CTBT. It is also believed that the project will be an excellent research topic for graduates, where to whom a diversity of resources and expertise are available at the Radiation Protection Bureau to start their research career. If interested, please contact Prof. Weihua Zhang.

For more details of the Radiation Surveillance Division, please visit our Health Canada website.