Research Compute Cluster

 General Information

The Physics research compute cluster consists of 53 dual-CPU, Dell 1950 servers with 8GB each, 244 cores (EGS component),  51 dual-CPU, quad core Dell 1950 servers with 8GB each, 376 cores (ATLAS component), and 1 dual-CPU, 24 core Dell R630 for a total of 644 cores ( processing units).  The four core machines are egs01-48 and atlas01-08, the eight core machines are atlas09-51 and egs49-56, and the twenty-four core machine is theory01.

The software environment is Scientific Linux Version 6.5 as of December 2014.

Data storage is available on a number of data servers.  The total amount of data disk space is around 100TB.

If you have a  data area, you will be able to access it from any server using "cd /data/data_area" where" data_area"  is the area that has been assigned to you , "cd /data/data006/jsmith".

NB:   PLEASE NOTE, it is highly recommended when creating run scripts to NOT use the data area specification throughout your scripts as over time it may be necessary to move your data to a different data area and as a result, it is highly recommended that you set up your data area name as a variable in your scripts, so you only have to change it once should it be necessary to change your data area.

Please use your data area to store data, Ntuples, libraries, etc. Do not store them in your home directory! Please note that data areas in general are NOT backed up. If you have any concern, please contact the System Administrator.