Dr. Gabriel Sawakuchi

Adjunct Research Professor
gsawakuchiatmdanderson [dot] org

Research summary

Radiation measurements of therapeutic x-ray, electron, proton and heavy-ion beams, aiming on developing and establishing new, reliable and cost-effective dosimeters in the clinic

  • Apply the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technique in medicine

  • Characterize existing OSL materials to clinical radiation fields (x-rays, electrons, protons and heavy-ions)

  • Develop OSL readout protocols which minimize systematic uncertainties

  • Develop cost-effective, portable and reliable OSL readout equipments

  • Develop methods to measure radiation quality

Monte Carlo simulations of proton and heavy-ion therapeutic beams (hadron therapy), aiming on determining current limitations and uncertainties, and further developing the field of hadron therapy

  • Improve the accuracy of proton and heavy-ion analytical dose calculation models used by treatment planning systems

  • Improve and develop new nozzles’ designs for future proton and heavy-ion radiation therapy facilities

  • Investigate the response of dosimeters exposed to hadron therapy beams


Selected publications:

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