Photonics North 2007 a Success!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ottawa was the site of Photonics North, an international optics and photonics conference which attracted delegations from France, China, and Arizona and drew about 650 participants with 200 submitted papers.  The Chair of the Program Committee was Physics faculty member John Armitage.
Three conferences ran in parallel with Photonics North: ETOP (Education and Training in Optics and Photonics), which drew an international audience mainly from Europe (plus Canada and the States), the Comercialization of Photonics meeting organized by Sylvain Charbonneau of the NRC - which got off to a good start with welcome from our VP Research, Kim Matheson - and finally OIDA, the Optics Industry Development Organization.

John Armitage commented that the value of the technical conference (Photonics North) is seen in three areas:  the opportunity it gives to our students to talk about their research before a knowledgeable audience, the opportunity for researchers to meet with their peers and foster future collaborations, and the opportunity for industry people to meet with academics and strike up mutually beneficial agreeements.  There was evidence of all three of these at this year's conference.