OMPI seminar: Sarah Cuddy-Walsh and Dave Wilkins

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm (Refreshments start at 3:15 pm)

Location: East Foustenallas Auditorium (H2368), Second Floor, The University of Ottawa Heart Institute, 40 Ruskin Street.


1. "Standardizing Image Quality: A weight-based dosing method for dedicated cardiac SPECT"

by Sarah Cuddy-Walsh PhD Candidate (Supervisor: Glenn Wells)

Abstract: Given the same injected activity (330MBq) and acquisition time (5 min), large patients (102 kg) will have more SPECT image noise (6.7%) due to attenuation effects than petite patients (70 kg, 4.8%). Current guidelines for SPECT imaging recommend tailoring the administered activity to patient habitus, however robust methods to do so are lacking. We have developed a weight-based formula to calculate patient specific radiotracer activity requirements to standardize the magnitude of image noise present in all images. Use of this formula improves the standardization of image quality, holding the image noise constant with 4.8% and 5.0% noise for 70 and 102 kg patients given 332 MBq and 483 MBq respectively.



2. "Medical Physics for World Benefit (MPWB):  A sustainable development initiative to improve global access to radiotherapy"

by Dave Wilkins, PhD

Abstract: It is estimated that 12.5 million cancer patients will need radiation therapy in 2035, but the world’s capacity to deliver this treatment is inadequate, especially in low and middle income countries.  This talk will discuss the challenges in meeting this need and some recent efforts to overcome these challenges, and the development of a nascent charitable organization, Medical Physics for World Benefit (MPWB), which is dedicated to providing support for medical physicists in low and middle income countries.